Exact Steps to Make a Classified Website from Scratch

Choosing a classified website script


This is one of the most important steps to complete, choosing a right classified script and a perfect script that matches your needs is quite important. Once you start your search you should search for a most popular classifieds script like open classifieds, yclass, osclass, blue classy and many others which are quite popular on the internet. There are lots of others which are also quite popular and will help you build your classified website very easily. Once your find a list of scripts you can then you can compare each and every one with other and choose one script for your needs. If the script is hosted then you don’t need to go to second step otherwise choosing hosting.


Choose Hosting for Your Website


Choosing a right hosting for your classified website is quite important because if you will get a hosting that doesn’t fit the need of your website then it will become waste and it will not give your website enough resource to host and run a successful classified website. Before you purchase any classifieds script you should then read the script hosting requirements and then ask the hosting provider if they are offering those features or not. Once you find the hosting for your need you can then go to the step 3 which is uploading script and installation.


Upload Script and Install


Once uploaded to the server you can then proceed to the installation because every script needs to be installed or setup before it could be used as a classified website. The database needs to be connected and all the necessary permissions needs to be assigned to the website before you proceed to the installation of the website. For reference or help you can go to the installation guide available on the official website of the script that you are uploading. Once installed you can then go to the last step setup website.


Setup website and Admin Access


Being an owner of the website, you might require to change few things on your website which is why the classifieds website script always have an admin panel where you can control the functionality of your website. You can login to your admin panel and do lots of things depending on which script you have uploaded and installed on your hosting.