Exact Steps to Make a Classified Website from Scratch

Choosing a classified website script


This is one of the most important steps to complete, choosing a right classified script and a perfect script that matches your needs is quite important. Once you start your search you should search for a most popular classifieds script like open classifieds, yclass, osclass, blue classy and many others which are quite popular on the internet. There are lots of others which are also quite popular and will help you build your classified website very easily. Once your find a list of scripts you can then you can compare each and every one with other and choose one script for your needs. If the script is hosted then you don’t need to go to second step otherwise choosing hosting.


Choose Hosting for Your Website


Choosing a right hosting for your classified website is quite important because if you will get a hosting that doesn’t fit the need of your website then it will become waste and it will not give your website enough resource to host and run a successful classified website. Before you purchase any classifieds script you should then read the script hosting requirements and then ask the hosting provider if they are offering those features or not. Once you find the hosting for your need you can then go to the step 3 which is uploading script and installation.


Upload Script and Install


Once uploaded to the server you can then proceed to the installation because every script needs to be installed or setup before it could be used as a classified website. The database needs to be connected and all the necessary permissions needs to be assigned to the website before you proceed to the installation of the website. For reference or help you can go to the installation guide available on the official website of the script that you are uploading. Once installed you can then go to the last step setup website.


Setup website and Admin Access


Being an owner of the website, you might require to change few things on your website which is why the classifieds website script always have an admin panel where you can control the functionality of your website. You can login to your admin panel and do lots of things depending on which script you have uploaded and installed on your hosting.

best usa free classifieds sites list


USA Online classifieds is one of the best usa based classifieds advertising website, it offers users a free ad posting service to all the users around the united states and it allows users to easily publish classified ads in any city or state of usa. Usa online classifieds also provides coupons along with their ads posting so that their users could get engaged for a long time.



oodle is also an united states based classifieds advertising website that allows users to post free ads in united states and few other countries not all the countries but few popular countries. Most people would prefer searching these classified websites so that they could easily post their ads and buy sell goods online or offer services on the internet.



global free classified ads are also a free and easy to use classifieds advertising website that is available in united states. It allows users to post classified ads in various categories but not too many of them are there. Global free classified ads is available in various countries but not available in all the countries around the globe. Because this is one of the most popular country around the globe this can be used to post ads in usa.



usa classifieds is also a us based classifieds advertising website that allows users to post free classified ads in united states. Because this is only us based classifieds website it will allow users to post free classified ads in united states only.



adclassified is rather a worldwide classifieds advertising website which will allow users to post free classified ads not only in united states but also in various other countries of the world. The major country of the adclassified is india and many other countries like united states, uk and many other countries are using this classified website.



free classifieds usa is usa only classifieds advertising website that allows users to post free classified ads online. Free classifieds ads is a free classifieds website that offers users a free way to post multiple category classified ads and it easily allows users to post ads from any part of the world.



US net ads is another us based free classifieds website available in united states. This is just similar to the usa online classifieds which is offering users only usa based classified ads and also offering their users free coupons to keep their users engaged on their platform.



classified ads is also a free classifieds advertising website which is available in many different countries of the world. Because it is not limited to united states, it will offer users a free way to post classified ads online and it will allow users to easily and freely publish classified ads online.



lokal classified is also a united stated only classifieds website which offer their service only in united states which means it will be usable only for usa audience. People outside the usa can access the lokal classified but also it will offer users a free way to publish classified ads online.



spin listing is another free and united states based classifieds advertising website, it allows users to post free classified ads in usa. Because spin listing is based on usa only usa people can use this classified website or those people who wanted to post free ads in usa. Because this classified website runs in united states those who are living outside usa won’t be able to use this classified website for outside usa.


sell used iphone through classifieds website

If you are planning to buy a new iphone then you should also think about selling your old one because old mobile phone might not be useful for you. Once you decide to sell your old iphone you can actually get replies from various buyers who might be interested in buying old iphone from you. Because iphone is an amazing mobile brand there are lots of customers who are really interested in switching to the iphone from android.

There are lots of classifieds websites available which can easily help you in selling your old iphone but if you don’t find them you can actually search a list of classifieds website which is another great way to find a list of various popular classifieds websites. Google search is a best option to find a list of various classifieds website and this can really help you in finding a various classifieds website to easily and freely post classified ads online.

The process starts from posting free ads and once your ad is live that will be viewed by lots of customers who are actually finding iphone on these websites. Those customers can reach you if they think that your iphone is actually what they are looking for. There are lots of iphone models available in the market which is why it is quite obvious that everybody might be looking for various different models and you might have a different one.

Well, your mobile will be sold out very soon if you are trying to sell your phone on more than on classifieds website because there are lots of customers who might be interested in your mobile phone and will probably look for a better one. Since not all the customers are looking for the iphone similarly to yours you might face some difficulty in selling but it is guaranteed that you will get it sold on any of the website.

find hotels and resorts online

Lots of ways you can use to search a fine hotels and resorts and many different websites also provides a review about hotels and resorts which you can read and understand if that hotels are good for you to stay with your family for vacation or many other reasons. There are lots of people who daily travel to different places and book hotels and resorts based on their requirement but finding a right hotel or resorts isn’t that easy.

There are many websites which are specially made to book hotels and resorts and there are lots of websites like makemytrip, trivago, etc which are quite popular for booking hotels and resorts online. Many hotels often launch their own websites also to get direct customers as well which is even better idea to get more and more customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a star rating hotel or non-star rating hotel because there are lots of hotels available.

Before choosing a hotel or start searching for a hotel you should decide what budget you will be going to spend for your hotel expenses but sometimes it gets decided when you start searching for a hotel. Free classifieds are another free and easy way to search for a hotels and resorts, there are lots of hotels who advertise their packages and list their hotels for the customers who are visiting the classifieds website because there are lots of users who visit classified website to search hotel.

The only disadvantage with classified website is that you cannot book hotel on website but there are lots of website which provides a link of their own website in classifieds ads description which is more convenient to book hotel online. Most hotels often make their own hotel booking site so that they could easily get books directly through their website as well.